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PRP is experienced in developing UV-LED curing modules for a range of applications

The emergence of cost effective reliable UV-LEDs is causing a shift in the UV curing market.


The lifetime cost of traditional mercury lamp curing systems is considerably more expensive than UV-LED curing systems. Adoption of UV-LED curing systems is accelerating as more and more manufacturers benefit from the technology.


Since 2011 we have been working closely with manufacturers and system integrators to develop UV-LED solutions. We now have a lot of experience in packaging, controlling and thermally managing UV-LED panels.


We are happy to work with our partners throughout the various stages of their projects not only to demonstrate the benefits of UV-LED adoption at the proof of principle stage but also in the development of customised production ready UV-LED panels suitable for high volume manufacturing.


Our ability to create bespoke curing devices with a unique footprint makes us the ideal partner for development and manufacturing projects in this exciting growth area.



Benefits of UV-LEDs

• Instant ON
• Longer life
• Improved thermal properties
• Consistent power output
• Low voltage
• Vibration resistant
• Energy efficient
• Mercury free


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