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Micro-Display uses PRP’s monolithic array technology to provide clear, bright and easy to integrate micro LED displays.

Micro-Display has been designed with microscopes, rifle scopes, range-finders and other optical systems in mind.

Placing Micro-Display in the optical path enables scrollable menus and icons to be viewed within the eyepiece.

Each individually addressable red LED pixel within the micro array is 70 microns wide with a pixel to pixel pitch of 100 microns.

Micro-Display uses an industry standard driver which makes it faster, cheaper and easier to integrate within your product line.

Using our design and development experience we package Micro-Display into a single, cost effective chip customised to meet your requirements.

PRP can develop custom Micro-LED Displays to meet customer requirements.


Introducing Micro-Display

Micro-Display incorporates PRP’s unique monolithic LED technology which enables the production of large arrays of individually addressable micro LEDs.

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