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Reticules & Gun Sights


Using PRP’s unique monolithic array technology these devices can incorporate a multitude of LEDs on a single chip, with linear dimensions of individual diodes as small as 10µm.  Chip designs include 14 and 7 segment numeric chips, reticules, dots and aiming marks along with application specific symbols.  All these chips use AlInGaP offering 10x efficiency over GaAsP.


PRP also offer an innovative Reticule Micro-Display.  This technology allows the creation of monolithic X-Y matrix chips, for example, a single chip consisting of 17 rows and 29 columns of individually addressable pixels, where pixel size is 70 microns with a pitch of 100 microns.


Using their extensive in-house design and development experience PRP can create fully customised displays dependent on each customer’s specifications. Please get in touch to discuss your individual requirements.



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Please contact us on +44 (0)1793 881497 to discuss your requirements.