Class A Independently tested

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To ensure Aegina meets requirements we continue to monitor the performance of our water purification units and send them to be independently tested, not only to NSF 55 Class A specification but also the latest testing round incorporated World Health Organization (WHO), 2018 Bacteria reduction.

The WHOs highest specification is 3 stars (99.99% 4 log reduction), Aegina has met this requirement with ease surpassing the 4-log reduction required, purifying the water up to 99.9999%, we are thrilled with these results.

For more information, you can click on WHO website on household water treatment and safe storage (HWTS), and NSF website for further information.

WHO     WHO | Household water treatment and safe storage

NSF 55

We will continue our efforts to expand the range of Aegina to enable both lower and higher flow rates, which will open other applications and markets, improving health and lowering the carbon footprint.