Customised UV-LED solutions

PRP has decades of experience in design and development of custom LED modules from red light to UV

Due to our recognised expertise in packaging LEDs PRP is considered by many as the ‘go to’ company for customised UV-LED solutions. With only about 5% of the traditional UV curing market already having made the switch to LED technology we are now working with an increasing number of system integrators to develop easy to integrate UV-LED curing solutions.

We like to work in partnership with our suppliers and customers to deliver reliable and effective LED solutions that deliver the intended benefits to the end user.

As an example, we recently received an enquiry from a system integrator that was developing a UV-LED curing system for a globally recognised manufacturer. Working closely with the system integrator we listened to the customer’s curing requirements and proposed a concept solution.

After receiving customer sign off on the concept design PRP’s experience in LED control, electronic design, optics and thermal management enabled us to develop a cost effective ‘proof of principle’ UV-LED panel. This helped the system integrator demonstrate the benefits and feasibility of the UV-LED approach to their end customer.

Using the proof of principle curing panels the system integrator conducted tests to demonstrate that the solution could meet the high volume manufacturing requirements of their client.

After the successful proof of principle phase of the project and again working closely with the system integrator we analysed the results from the tests to develop a UV-LED curing panel that was suitable for use within a high volume production environment.

The production ready UV-LED curing panel had integrated data connectivity, active UV-LED control and monitoring, thermal management and a number of safety features in line with recognised standards.

The project resulted in the development of a high performance, long life and easily replaceable UV-LED panels that exceeded the end users expectations.

PRP’s system integration partner was successfully awarded the contract to upgrade the traditional UV curing system to LED technology.

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