Green microLED only 0.01mm (10microns) seen under high magnification

At PRP our extensive in-house design, development, and manufacture experience PRP can package its innovative MicroLED & Monolithic LED technology into a single monolithic chip, customised to meet a customer’s exact specifications. PRP’s Monolithic LEDs are processed using a variety of techniques and are produced in the same way as an IC on a complete epitaxial wafer, this means the area of the material used is relatively small allowing for good uniformity of emission and wavelength across the array.

During 2020 PRP continued to develop its range.  We can now offer Monolithic LEDs not only in red, but also in green and blue.

Depending on the application monolithic LEDs can be assembled into a variety of packages and driven by off the shelf or custom LED drivers, integration with optics is also easily achievable.