UV LED Devices

UV LEDs offer an attractive alternative to traditional mercury lamp methods of curing and purification.

PRP has extensive experience designing, developing and manufacturing UV curing heads for printing and other manufacturing applications.

Our ability to create bespoke curing devices with a unique footprint makes us the ideal partner to design, develop and manufacture UV-LED curing panels to meet your specific requirements.

PRP is also supporting the next generation of contactless, chemically-enabled printing applications utilising the UV spectrum, as well as other direct write-applications such as photolithography in the semiconductor, display and PCB industries.

UV-A (315 – 400nm)

Dominant curing range – Inks and adhesives

UV-B (280 – 315nm)

Secondary curing range – Inks and adhesives. Secondary disinfection range in conjunction with photo-catalytic reactant – air and water

UV-C (100 – 280nm)

Primary disinfection and sterilisation range – Air and water


  • No significant start up times, shutters are unnecessary

  • Significantly longer product life-times

  • No IR radiation is directed at the substrate enabling processing on heat sensitive substrates

  • Consistent output and precise levels of power

  • No requirement for high voltage supply

  • Vibration resistant

  • Energy efficient

  • Mercury free

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