PRP’s launches new Innovative Micro-Display. This Micro-Display incorporates their advanced monolithic LED array technology. It demostrates a clear, high contrast and high density display capability.

Ideally suited to range-finders and gun-scopes, PRP’s Micro-Display can provide the user with graphics, text and bespoke symbols of exceptional clarity and brightness through individually addressable pixels. The display contains a single monolithic chip consisting of 17 rows and 29 columns. This array size provides 10 characters presented in 2 rows, each containing 5 characters. The individually addressable LED pixels are 70 microns wide with a pitch of 100 microns.

PRP’s policy to incorporate industry standard drivers reduces the complexity of integration, making the customer’s development time shorter.

Using their extensive in-house design and development experience PRP can package its innovative Micro-Display technology into a single monolithic chip customised to meet a customer’s exact specifications.

PRP designs, develops and manufactures custom high performance LED light engines which are currently used in more than 40 countries. Our products deliver precision illumination from the Infra-Red through to Ultra Violet in a range of defence, industrial and consumer applications.