Custom MicroLEDs & monolithic LEDs
for Red, Green, Blue & UV

PRP designs, develops and manufactures custom high performance MicroLEDs & LED light engines which are currently used in more than 40 countries. Our products deliver precision illumination from the Infra-Red through to Ultra Violet in a range of defence, industrial and consumer applications.


Complete in-house design, development and manufacturing capabilities for a range of MicroLEDs & LED light engines and display applications. PRP manufactures custom MicroLEDs & LED products for the defence, industrial and consumer sectors. Specialist LED arrays are manufactured and used in a variety of optoelectronic systems including optical sight reticule displays, imaging systems and high density print heads.  State-of-the-art clean room facilities provide the company with a leading edge wafer processing capability.

LED for Avionics

LEDs for Avionics

LED print head for monolithic semiconductor

MicroLEDs for Printing

Circuit board of range finder for LED reticule displays

MicroLEDs for Reticule Displays

UV LED Curing

MicroLEDs for UV Curing

LED headsup display

MicroLEDs for Headup Display HUD

LEDs for Aircraft and simulator display

Aircraft Simulator Display

We are proud of our high quality UK Manufacturing

Dedicated Service

wafer processing in UK by PRP

With a dedicated wafer processing capability and a clean room assembly facility we provide our customers with design, development, manufacture, assembly and test services.

Quality in Demanding Environments


FM25781 Certificate number

Quality products in a range of demanding applications and environments – from fighter jet cockpits to high volume production facilities they are designed, developed and manufactured to meet expectations.

Our team


Based in the U.K, our customers include energy suppliers, technology developers, system integrators and defence contractors. Our dedicated experienced team ensure our customers are happy.

What can we do for you?

Custom Design, Development & Manufacturing of MicroLEDs & LED Light Engine Products