Monlithic MicroLEDs

PRP’s Monolithic MicroLEDs are processed using a variety of techniques and are produced in the same way as an IC on a complete epitaxial wafer, this means the area of the material used is relatively small allowing for good uniformity of emission and wavelength across the array.

Depending on the application monolithic MicroLEDs can be assembled into a variety of packages and driven by off the shelf or custom LED drivers, integration with optics is also easily achievable.

Our Services

  • DESIGN – PRP’s Monolithic MicroLED can be designed to customers’ requirements.
  • DEVELOP – PRP works to meet the most demanding customer specifications, allowing new and innovative products to come to the market.
  • MANUFACTURED – PRP’s manufacturing capabilities allows for the customer’s bespoke requirements to be met. This allows flexibility not just in the design but also it is not volume sensitive.
  • TEST – PRP also has the capability of designing the required test equipment and procedures to ensure the products exact specifications are met.
  • INTERGRATE – PRP can take your Monolithic MicroLED to the next level by integrating it into PCB electronics and optical systems as required.
PRP’s Monolithic MicroLEDs Services - Design Deveop Manufacture Test Integrate
Tiny Red microLED only 0.1mm (10microns) seen under high magnification - Probe is applying power to the LED
Green microLED only 0.1mm (10microns) seen under high magnification - Probe is applying power to Green microLED
Tiny Blue microLED. Size is 0.1mm (10microns) and is photographed under high magnification microscope. The metal Probe is applying power to the LED to light it up for testing.

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