Certificate for Top Photonics Solutions Provider Award by Semiconductor 2022 to PRP optoelectronics
Top Photonics Solutions Provider Award by Semiconductor 2022

PRP are delighted to be recognised by Semicondutcor Review as being one of the top solutions providers in UK for our innovative LED design and manufacturing capability and getting recognition for 30 years of experience in the LED industry and providing an innovator mindset and out-of-box thinking.

The article describes our role us as an “industry leader due to the company’s team of engineers, who are highly experienced in different aspects of customised, high-performance microLED and LED light engine development. This gives PRP the ability to tackle every production aspect internally—be it designing the optics and the electronics of the LED bulb or developing the software to manage the finished LED product. A recent testament to this robust in-house innovation capacity is PRP’s Aegina—an intelligent UVC LED water purification system that delivers 99.99 percent clean, Class A (NSF 55 Standards) pure water.

The article also highlights our capabilities which cover our in-house Design, Development, Manufacture, Test and Integration of customised LED modules:

“…in-house capability bestows PRP with enough flexibility to bring the same level of novelty for other organisations looking to innovate different defence, industrial, and consumer LED applications or offer custom solutions that are not readily available in the market. 

Be it designing the LED circuits or developing the software module to power and manage a range of applications like LED print heads, rangefinders, and LED UV curing devices, PRP supports its clients for every unique need. “We also cover the entire LED illumination spectrum, from infrared (IR) to ultraviolet (UV), which makes us an all-encompassing LED production facility,” says Peart. PRP’s clients are thus benefited by not having to coordinate with multiple vendors or getting caught up in a complex production whirlwind. Besides, these extensive internal capabilities also allow PRP to be highly flexible in its production volume. While many contemporaries of PRP usually don’t work on low-volume production, PRP can produce from a mere 10 to hundreds of thousands of LED units as per clients’ necessities. This is a huge benefit for industrial LED users who want to develop only small volumes of LED devices at the initial stage of their journey.

PRP Kevin Peart - Company Director

…A defence industry client recently approached PRP to develop a LED-powered gunsight with five individual components. The main challenge in this project was powering the LEDs that can emit light of 5-6 nanometres wavelength but through a 10 microns LED dot sight (for target visualisation). The market available LED power sources that could support the production of light rays within the desired wavelength range were larger than the intended size. Nevertheless, PRP was able to leverage its innovative design thinking to live up to this challenge and develop an LED-on-ribbon PCB circuit that could power the tiny LED emitters. PRP also developed the necessary software solution to manage the LEDs and PCBs. The company then performed full-fledged product testing to ensure the client received an unparalleled gunsight. Not only did PRP’s partnership save the client’s time and money as they didn’t have to deal with multiple suppliers, but it also minimised every design and manufacturing hassle the client would have had to face otherwise. Moving ahead with many such success stories under its hood, PRP is poised to continue supporting its defence, industrial, and consumer LED clients.”