Leaders in LED system design

Over the past 25 years we have designed displays for a variety of applications ranging from power station control panels to medical products.  This diverse experience put us in an ideal position to design your solution in accordance with the relevant standards.

Operating within the parameters of your Requirements Specification our technical team will design a solution suitable for your end user and its operational environment.  If your solution requires a bespoke LED we will design a mask set to produce chips to meet your specifications. We are vastly experienced in designing devices that require specific filtering, lensing and thermal management considerations.

Our  design process is clearly focussed on design for manufacture so we use the latest CAD software and engineering tools. We have close relationships with rapid prototyping partners allowing us to offer fast, cost effective conceptual prototyping if required.

Upon completion of this phase we will provide you with a system design to meet your performance requirements, cost and quality goals. Outputs from the design phase include drawings, 3D models and a compliance matrix.

What can we do for you?

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