Hybrid Circuits and Packaging

The facilities in the hybrid assembly clean area include: die bonding; wire bonding; precision assembly; burn-in; test; and environmental stress screening. Packaging is particularly important, to ensure that the product will meet the required performance and environmental specification. A variety of different substrate types are used, including co-fired ceramic, thick film alumina, FR4 and more specialised materials. The circuits can be supplied assembled into a range of different types of enclosure depending on the level of environmental protection required.

PRP offers a full service in the design and procurement of substrates, design of packages and enclosures and also in the optimisation of assembly and sealing techniques. Hermetic sealing is available when required and polarising plastic windows and optical filters can be used to either enhance the contrast in high brightness environments or to make the display compatible with night vision equipment. Displays are regularly supplied to meet the requirements of the US NVIS specifications.

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