PRP Anniversary 3
PRP Anniversary

On Wednesday 15th May PRP celebrated its 30th Anniversary since its original branch out from Plessy back in 1989 The company has grown from strength to strength over the last 4 years after a MBO in 2015, which ironically was also finalised on the 15th May!

To celebrate this achievement and to say thank you MD Kevin Peart organised a delicious buffet for all staff members to enjoy to mark this momentous occasion.

Mr Peart said “I would like to thank all staff for their tireless efforts over the last 4 years, and in particular the staff who have been with PRP since before the MBO some of which have been with the company before the original MBO back in 1989. We are continuing to meet our business goals and invest in new development projects (Water purification and monolithic LED’s) we have an exciting future and can see PRP looking forward to another 30 plus years so watch this space…”

PRP History Time line

1989 Management buyout from Plessey Electronics (Peter Abbey, Richard O’Rourke, Peter Hart) PRP

2002 PRP was producing displays for a range of aircraft from C130 to Lynx Helicopters

2003 Selected as critical LED display manufacturer for the Eurofighter program

2008 PRP begins to explore new markets for its LED display technology

2009 PRP develops critical control panel displays for European nuclear facilities

2012 Opens advanced wafer processing fab at UK Gov’s Rutherford Appleton Lab

2013 PRP starts development of 1200dpi LED industrial print head for US partner

2014 Company relocates to new offices and manufacturing facility in Swindon

2015 Management buy-out and launch of Micro-Display

2015 UV-LED curing solution developed for globally recognised US medical company

2018 Green Monolithic LED produced

2019 Blue Monolithic LED produced

2019 UVC water purification unit Aegina developed


What’s next for PRP? 

PRP’s foundation remains the same with a wide range of avionic devices that are supplied to many loyal and highly regarded customers, these devices along with new designs will be continuing for many years to come.

Alongside this foundation the core business will always be LED based products from red to UV. PRP are excited to be able to offer monolithic LED’s down to 10 micron emitter size in red, green and blue. Their highly skilled team are currently working on the next generation of monolithic LED’s, offering 6 micron emitters, coming soon!

Another exciting opportunity comes via PRP’s latest development (Aegina) which will deliver between 4 litres and 40 litres per minute of class A purified water using the latest UVC LED technology. These units are low energy consumption, which can be powered by wind, solar and battery anticipated to be available later this year!