PRP Optoelectronics, a specialist in the design and manufacture of high performance products based on light emitting diode (LED) technology, has announced the introduction of a bar graph instrumentation display that is particularly suited for critical process monitoring applications in industrial and utilities companies. The compact, high reliability LED module provides a 100-segment bar graph display and a 4-character numeric display, and has been designed as a drop-in replacement for a Penny and Giles type TSL striplite indicator.

“The bar graph display features high precision and accuracy, along with low power consumption of typically 1W,” said Andy Walton, Engineering Manager at PRP Optoelectronics. “The brightness of the display can be adjusted to compensate for changes in ambient lighting or for degradation of the display itself, a feature that is also useful for matching the brightness to adjacent displays.”

Typical applications for the module include instrumentation displays in demanding environments such as nuclear or conventional power stations, petrochemical works or sewage works.

The amber-coloured display incorporates an optical contrast enhancement filter, and the bar graph display is 45mm long by 2.5mm wide, with each segment occupying 6 LED pixels in width. The characters are formed within a 7 x 4 pixel cell, and are 3.3mm high by 1.8mm wide. Individual LED pixels are 0.3mm square. Accuracy and linearity are both specified as ± 1% full scale deflection (FSD).

The module employs a microcontroller-based design, featuring high integrity embedded firmware. Operating mode is user-selectable between current loop and voltage input. The module is designed to fit into standard 72 x 24mm or 72 x 72mm cases, with connectors provided for each alternative type of case. Power consumption is 1W typical, operating from a 18 to 60V DC supply, and operating temperature range is 0° to +40°C.

High performance 100-segment bar graph instrumentation display